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      2021-7-28 · CONVEYOR TECHNOLOGY is the authorised distributor of MATO, MATO Australia is predominately a provider of conveyor belt fastening and maintenance systems into the mining industries. Our Conveyor product range includes: Conveyor Belt Cleaner Systems. Mining Mechanical Conveyor Belt Fasteners. Industrial Mechanical Conveyor Belt Fasteners.

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      2021-10-31 · Accessories, Grease Fittings. Fluid Measures, Oil Cans, Funnels. Filler Pumps. High Pressure Lubrication Equipment. Pumps and Accessories for Oil and other Fluids. Hose End Meters. Hose Reels. Waste Oil Pumps and Drainers. Diesel Pumps and Pump Kits.

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      MATO Belt Maintenance since 1906. We guarantee precise, reliable and cost-effective splices of conveyor belts. Our wide range of applications includes belt fasteners for heavy industries, e.g. coal, ore, gravel, sand etc. and light duty range for agricultural & filter industry, laundries and airports. Our Belt Cleaner have a high…

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      Mato. Ag Belting Outlet works directly with the manufacturers to bring you the best priced baler belt and conveyor belt accessories available. Don''t get stuck going to the belting manufacturer and paying their high prices. Take advantage of our relationship direct with the manufacturer and our ability to obtain your belting accessories at far ...

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      Conveyor belt maintenance equipment. Belt cutters. Belt cutters include:. ... T Square. T Square:. The MATO square is used in conjunction with the belt knife for cutting the belt end square to the edge of the belt. The squaring angle contains a slot to guide the knife blade; this facilitates a straight cut and safe operation of the knife.

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      2018-6-1 · K20 Machine Install Conveyor Belt Fastener: K20 type K27, K28 and UM Staple Hinged Hammer Installed Fasteners for heavy-duty conveyor belt. Analogs: MATO U30, H30. Enables users to increase the productivity of their conveyor systems as they have reduce maintenance work and save money. CENTROBELT LLC - HD fasteners for conveyor belts.

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      MATO (HEAVY PLATE) The U-Series and H-Series were designed to compete with the Alligator Rivet. The U-Series fits belts from 4-7mm thick and is used for high volume lacing. The H-Series is for belts from 5-7mm thick and is a more economical option with an installation tool that allows for easier splice repair in the field.

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      2021-10-12 · MATO. At The Conveyor Shop we work with Mato to bring you the very best quality Conveyor fasteners and we hold a wide range of parts. Mato have been in business for over one hundered years, which shows they are very reliable. We have a range of other Mato products which you can call the team to discuss options. Call us for more information.

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      2020-4-27 · The MATO Hammer System MR30 is used in Conveyor Belts, if a hammer installation and simple usage of the equipment is preferred. In comparison to other wide Plate Fasteners, the MR30-System has a long life time and can be installed within a short time. The main applications are: Coal Mining, General Industry. Belt Fasteners and Connecting Pins.

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      MATO manufactures lacing machines, conveyor belt fasteners, lacing pins and lacing beds as part of its lacing systems range. Lacing machines, available with Manual, Pneumatic and Hydraulic Lacers, cover the full fastener range from belt thicknesses 5 to 18 mm thick.

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      Mato products have been sold in North America since the early 1980s and are the Original Equipment fastener on John round balers and are also used on Claas balers. AG Belt™ carries a full range of baler belt fasteners, along with belt skiving tools, hinge pins, installation tools, and hand tools.

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      It outweighs and outperforms our lighter 4404 belt clamp, and is ideal for coal mining, crushed stone operations. Specs:-3000 lb. pull rating-Accepts up to 7/8" thick belt-Utalizes 3/8" chain (no cable)-Can be pulled across top rollers Advantage: - Easy to use - Conveyor belt does not have to be flat to install - …

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      2021-10-8 · At The Conveyor Shop the new range of german mato solid fasteners are one of our best sellers, the 140s are good for belt repairs and joints on 5-11mm . we have all tooling available . stock levels change form time to time so alternative band of the same Quality. click the link below . we are now Mato distributors and can now offer more competitive price than Flexco.

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      2020-7-14 · and restricted conveyor areas where limited space is available. With its low profile it is an excellent option for a tungsten carbide secondary belt cleaner. The MUS3 is also designed for reversing conveyor belts such as feeder belts or belts which have roll back. Suitable for conveyors with mechanical belt fasteners. Technical Informations

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      MATO conveyor belt systems form part of MATO Products, a member of the Multotec Group, is the only South African manufacturer of mechanical conveyor belt fastening systems.. These fastening systems from MATO are the preferred choice of large-scale mining and materials handling operators in South Africa – particularly the coal mining sector.

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      Belt Fasteners / Mato Description: Farmer Tool. For repairs up to 14″" ... Conveyor Belts. Gehl. Merger Inverter Belts. Hesston. John . Massey Ferguson Baler Belts. Mower Conditioners. New Holland. New Idea. Promotions. VERMEER. VICON "> Phone : (620) 845-0814 Email : steve [email protected] 410 N. West Ave, Anthony

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      MATO Belt Skiver. The MATO Belt Skiver can be used to plane off the top covers of the belt, allowing the fastener and top cover of belt to be on same plane, thus reducing fastener wear. ISO 9001:2015 and TüV certified, the belt skiver planes the conveyor belt evenly to ensure belt fastener efficiency and is designed to function on our range of ...

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      2021-10-20 · Mato belt clips MS 190. At The Conveyor Shop the new range of german mato solid fasteners are one of our best sellers, the 190 are good for bigger belt repairs and joints on 8-14mm. stock levels change form time to time so alternative band of the …

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      2021-9-2 · Fasteners for Light Tensile Conveyor Belt; Fasteners for High Tensile Conveyor Belt; Belt Cleaners; Lubrication Equipment. Grease Guns; Accessories, Grease Fittings; Fluid Measures, Oil Cans, Funnels ; Filler Pumps; High Pressure Lubrication Equipment; Pumps and Accessories for Oil and other Fluids; Hose End Meters; Hose Reels; Waste Oil Pumps ...

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      MATO Conveyor Belt Fasteners U30 Series. Designed for conveyor belts with a tensile strength up to 3 500 kN, the Mato U30 Series has a stainless steel plate and spring steel staple material. This results on the strongest possible connection of the splice to ensure the longest possible service life. S30 Series

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      2020-9-22 · The MCS3 cleaner is suitable for conveyor belts with mechanical fasteners. In addition the MCS3 is used for reversing / feeder conveyors. 2 blade options are available (TI) Tungsten Impact blade for mechanical fasteners or (TL) Tungsten Long-life blade …

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      2021-10-29 · Belt Maintenance. Fasteners for Light Tensile Conveyor Belt; Fasteners for High Tensile Conveyor Belt; Belt Cleaners; Lubrication Equipment. Grease Guns; Accessories, Grease Fittings; Fluid Measures, Oil Cans, Funnels ; Filler Pumps; High Pressure Lubrication Equipment; Pumps and Accessories for Oil and other Fluids; Hose End Meters; Hose Reels ...

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      Mato 7″ / ECO Installation tool – H24-180 $ 348.00 Add to cart; Mato 7″ / Profi Installation tool – H24-180 $ 639.00 Add to cart; Mato Replacement Lace – H24BS / 14 Segmant 4-Strips & 2-Pins (Up to 7″ wide Belt) $ 67.00 Add to cart; Mato Replacement Lace H24BS / 14 Segment – 16-Strips & 8-Pins (Up to 7″ wide Belt) $ 239.00 Add ...

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      Conveyor belt splicing kit consisting off. For belt thickness 4.8 to 6.4mm. For belt widths up to 600mm. Connecting pin.

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      2010-10-8 · The conveyor belt fastening clips are manufactured at the company''s South African ISO 9001:2008 accredited facility using high quality technology on the only machine of its type in Africa. The strength of the Mato clip joint can be traced to its engineering design whereby a minimum pressure of 3 t is exerted by the lacer on each clip and ...

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      Details aboutMato DR 125 Conveyor Belt fasteners. Mato DR 125 Conveyor Belt fasteners. Item information. Condition: New.


      2008-5-14 · mato belt fastening systems * Mato also supplies the only certified imported belt clamp as well as plate fasteners, rip repair kits, belt cutters and belt cleaners. CAPTION FOR BF 01: The lacing bed is used as the work station from where the clips are installed and skiving is done. CAPTION FOR BF 02: Clips are used to connect the conveyor belt ...

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      2020-4-27 · Eco-Fastener E30. The MATO Ecosystem E30 is used in applications with regular and short runtime. in comparison to U30 the E30 has special steel staples and carbon steel plates. The main applications are: Coal Mining, Gravel Pits and Quarries, Cement Plants, …

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